Eymundur receives the “Premio Langhe Cerretto” award

At the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy

Eymundur Magnússon, farmer in Vallanes and founder of Móðir Jörð, recently received an award given by the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy  and the Cerretto winery in Langhe, Piedmont.  Eymundur receives the award for planting forrest and shelterbelts and created feasible conditions for growing food in the Vallanes farm in East Iceland.  The farm is entirely organic and certified organic since 1990.  Eymundur is one of three individuals who receives the 2018 award and is considered to have, with his work, contributed significantly towards sustainability in agriculture, protecting the environment and biodiversity.

The University of Gastronomic Sciences, UNIGS, in Pollenzo was foundet in 2004 by Carlo Petrini the president of Slow Food.  He presented the award along with Mr. Bruno Cerretto owner of the Cerretto winery in Alba but the two unite in the vision of a sustainable future when it comes to food and agriculture.   For the past 10 years, the “Premio Langhe Cerretto” award was given to writers, but will now be given to people in agriculture who are considered to be important role models and their work considered best practices.

Also awarded are Nicola del Vecchio, a young farmer in Italy, who is returning to his home in Molise with his wife, where he is re-introducing lost varieties of cereals in his farm, and establishing a local food network in his region.  Also  Mohamid Abdikadir from Somalia for establishing 150 gardens in his homecountry where people can grow food.  Mohamid has been a key figure in establishing the Slow Food network in Somalia and participating in Slow Food’s  project “10.000 gardens in Africa”.


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Farm shop and café


The Aspen house – our organic farm shop and café is open from 9-6 pm Monday – Friday and open daily from June- August.  We offer vegetarian breakfast and lunch from the farm, fresh organic vegetables depending on the season and a range of wholesome, organic specialty products.  The Aspen house is a product of the farm built entirely from wood from the Vallanes farm.

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Móðir Jörð receives food award

October 2015

Móðir Jörð receieved Iceland’s most important food award, Fjöreggið 2015 (e: Spark of Life) given by Food & Nutrition society of Iceland and Federation of Icelandic industries.  The award has been given annually for over 20 years to one winner of 5 nominies, a glass sculpture made by an Icelandic artist.

The commitee’s verdict says the following:  “Móðir Jörð is nominated for producing an exciting range of Icelandic and organic products based on plants and vegetables which are grown in a sustainable way.  The company’s main focus is to develop products using local ingredients and Móðir Jörð has actively introduced many new products in the past years”.   Móðir Jörð is owned and run by the married couple Eymundur Magnússon and Eygló Björk Ólafsdóttir (middle) who received the award on their behalf.

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Looking for a reminder of Iceland ? We can certainly recommend this book, NORTH – The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland. Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason, owner of Dill Restaurant in Reykjavik is known for his exceptional presentation of Icelandic food. The book provides insight into Iceland’s food culture with beautiful photographs, stories and mouthwatering recipes.

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Food souvenirs from Iceland

Recently a journalist from bonapetit’s magazine in the USA visited Iceland and came across Móðir Jörð’s products, among others, which can be a great souvenir to take back from the holiday in Iceland.  Read what Ashlea Halpern had to say here:  

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Barley in new Icelandic cuisine

Travellers in Iceland are recognising the good food in Iceland’s restaurants but Icelandic chefs are quite innovative when it comes to discovering and presenting new (and forgotten) local ingredients.  We would like to point out this interesting article in The Telegraph, which talks fondly about our favorite Icelandic grain, barley and invites you to try exciting recipes which show very well what you are likely to find on  your plate in the best restaurants in Iceland .  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/recipes/10561234/Diana-Henry-cooks-delicious-Icelandic-dishes.html

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